Ben and I have been mapping out what to get the Crazies {aka our kids} for Christmas and decided we needed to change things up a little.

{as you know, for several years we’ve done the Four Gift Rule, I’ve also talked about it here}

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We decided that rather than giving them all “Something you Need”, we’d love make a memory with each of them and take them on a special date.


We do our best to have one-on-one time with each of the kids at least once a month {Anton always wants to go to a restaurant with tablecloths. “One you have to be polite at,” he says}.

But having six kids, it’s sometimes hard…and I know they all crave individual time with us.

{we crave it, too!}

something to do

And I’m so excited about it!

the revised four gift rule

{click here to download gift tags}

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Because Abreham is our budding artist and wants to see some galleries, we’ll take him downtown to the Art Walk.

Ezekiel, our sports fanatic will be thrilled to attend a Denver Outlaws {lacrosse} game.

Anton will be getting his eardrums blown out at the Monster Truck Rally.

Imani & Laith both get to be enchanted by Disney on Ice.

Baby Elsabet…well, next year she’ll get this one.


what do you thinkIs it something you might do, too??

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4 Responses to we’re REVISING the 4 gift rule this year {+ printable gift tags}

  1. Shonda Huber says:

    This is a fantastic idea! We’ve just adopted the “Four Gift Rule” this holiday season and next year I look forward to adding “Something to Do”.
    What a fantastic idea, I’ve already downloaded the gift tags for Christmas 2014!
    Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas to you all.

    • hugs & punches says:

      Yay Shonda! I’m impressed you’re so together that you’ve already downloaded the tags for next year!

  2. Lissy says:

    Love it! I think it’s a good change! Cause, let’s be honest, all those things they NEED you will have to get them anways, Christmas or not! But now you will create memories which is truly priceless. This year the kids are doing that for Tim… he has been talking about taking a cooking class with Kate for the longest time, so we’re surprising him with a class with her at PCC! And for Mason and him, probably Mariners tickets…

    • hugs & punches says:

      ohmygosh I LOVE it!!! I started doing this same thing for my dad when I was in college {really it stemmed from him being the HARDEST person in the world to shop for}. That first year, I took him to Jazz Alley and we had the BEST time ever. Such a fun memory.

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